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The Corpus was founded in 2014 with the aim to democratise access to the world’s greatest minds in modern medicine. It is based on the recognition that academic leaders play an invaluable role in guiding colleagues in everyday practice through the complexities of the ever-expanding modern medical corpus. 

Driven by our late chief executive and one of the original founders, Dr. Ian Ackland-Snow, The Corpus grew and evolved into what it is today. As a former practising physician himself, Dr. Ackland-Snow was passionate about providing physicians and other healthcare professionals unequalled access to the leading therapeutic experts around the world, regardless of their physical location. The Corpus platform was thus developed to facilitate this meeting of minds and ultimately improve patient outcomes globally. 

Dr Ackland-Snow’s enthusiasm and fervour has been adopted by the entire Corpus team ― from very humble beginnings, we now work with some of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world to deliver education to thousands of healthcare professionals every year. Our zealous approach to everything we do is evident from the success of our programmes; delivering professional online meeting solutions with a personal touch. 

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