The Corpus scoops not one, but two awards!

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The Corpus had an incredibly busy year last year, with an unexpected increase in demand for online meeting solutions. We worked with pharmaceutical companies, speakers and healthcare professionals to deliver innovative and interactive online meetings that made a real difference, with 87% of attendees feeling more confident after the Corpus meetings, and a staggering 72% intending to make a change in their clinical practice as a result.

In December 2020, we were delighted to receive notification that Global Health & Pharma had bestowed two awards upon us:

  • Best Medical Virtual Meeting Platform
  • GHP Health & Pharma Innovation Award in Knowledge Sharing 2020

To receive such prestigious recognition for the hard work that we do means such a lot to us. 


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Best Medical Virtual Meeting Platform

The platform was developed in-house, led by our Chief Technology Officer Simon Newman. It has been designed with the end user at the forefront, with a clean and intuitive design, simple and practical functionality, and easy accessibility across devices.

As a browser-based platform there is no need for any downloads or plugins to be installed — a problem which can often prevent healthcare professionals accessing online meetings from their hospitals. It is fully customisable to fit the branding of the programme, and features can be easily added or removed as necessary: in the past 12 months alone, we have added breakout rooms, screenshare, instant polls and moderated Q&A to name but a few.

GHP Health & Pharma Innovation Award in Knowledge Sharing 2020

The Corpus was founded with the aim to democratise access to the greatest minds in modern medicine, and receiving an award recognising the knowledge shared through Corpus programmes is incredibly humbling. We have been delivering online medical education for several years now, reaching more than 9,500 healthcare professionals globally. Our meetings bridge oceans, reach remote places and provide unique opportunities for those on the frontline to meet the experts leading the charge.

We continue to develop both our technology and content to ensure The Corpus remains a leader in virtual medical education programmes. We build innovative, interactive and engaging programmes which stand out from the crowd and can help you reach your 2021 medical education objectives.


Together, we will drive change and improve patient outcomes around the world.

Contact us to arrange a demo or to discuss your requirements:

Read the full award article here.

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The Corpus has been recognised for our work in online medical education with the granting of two prestigious awards from GHP.

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