AS&K Grand Reopening

Submitted by Beatrice on Mon, 26/07/2021 - 15:23

Today we reopened our offices in London after almost 18 months. However, our team decided to follow the data not the dates, and just two people came in.  

We don’t blame them. With COVID numbers still high (though starting to come down again) we want everyone to feel safe at work. We are happy for people to continue to work from home for as long as they want to.  

We also know that our people are keen to get back together. A recent poll found the top five things that we’ve missed about actually working together in the office are: 

  • Seeing our colleagues, in person! 
  • The camaraderie 
  • Those spontaneous tea break chats 
  • Lunches with colleagues 
  • That cheeky pint before heading home 

And what we haven’t missed? 

  • Commuting 
  • The cost of commuting 
  • The Northern Line 
  • Getting up early 
  • Getting home late 

We look forward to seeing each other in person, when we are ready.  


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AS&K office reopening
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