Word From the Web - June 2022

Submitted by Alana on Wed, 06/07/2022 - 11:37

Creating a brand new digital you  

Imagine a digital version of yourself, living in a virtual space, growing and developing autonomously in parallel to your own existence. In a concept born from science fiction and brought to reality by NASA, virtual replicas of human beings are now being created.

Word From the Web - May 2022

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From tech equality to data protection, here's what's new in healthcare

Unless you’ve been living under a technology-phobic rock, you’ll no doubt have heard of artificial intelligence (AI). The concept of AI is best described as the simulation of human intelligence by machines through the combination of vast amounts of data with super-fast data processing and intelligent algorithms.

Word From the Web - April 2022

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From Google to Amazon, the giants are getting serious about healthcare innovation 

In recent years, Google and their parent company Alphabet have been seriously investing in the health sector. Google Health – conceived in 2006, discontinued in 2012 and restarted in 2018 – “is committed to helping billions of people be healthier through products and services that connect individuals and bring meaning to health information”.  

Word From the Web - March 2022

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Messaging in a time of war - how digital transformation has created a new battlefront 

Since the digital age began, the way we learn, communicate and view the world has transformed. Over recent weeks, it has become increasingly clear how the world’s digital metamorphosis offers power to the people in previously unprecedented ways.